My name is Jakob Elvstrøm and I'm a danish jazz and funk saxophonist.

This page is dedicated to my cd projects "SaxClub" and "Funky Sessions", please visit my danish site if you need saxophone music for your next event.

I have released 4 solo-albums "SaxClub vol.1" (2009), "SaxClub vol.2" (2013), "PLAY IT BACK" (2014) and "Silent Sax" (2016).
Both SaxClub albums have been very well received and have had airplay (Danish P3 and P4) and internet streaming all over the world (from Canada to Spain).

Ida Nielsen from "SaxClub vol.1" was touring with Prince (r.i.p.), the NPG and 3rd eye girl for 7 years, so I'm not the only one who think she is pretty funky!

My 2014 release and 3rd solo-cd and 1st cd in my trilogy "Funky Sessions" "PLAY IT BACK", has reached more than 100 airplays on Danish National Radio of the song "Good Going" featuring trombone-player Steen Nikolaj Hansen from the Danish Radio Big Band.

I have recently finished a new album with not-so-funky music, quite the opposite actually, under the title "Silent Sax".
Right now I am working on my next "Funky Sessions" cd with New Orleans inspired music, it's going to be called "ElectrOrleans".