Is saxophone on top of a DJ.
Amazingly effective in discoteques and excellent for people who want a more upbeat kind of music for their events/receptions (fashion/advertising).
Jakob has been playing with lots of different DJs, best known is DJ Kongsted, Kato and Rasmus Skøtt.

Jakobs funky, energetic and modern playing is fitting the bill perfectly, giving modern electronic dance music a human and warm edge and adding that extra stompin' and funkin' that'll make your party rolling.
Jakobs ability to improvise and instantly pickup ideas, tempo- and tonal-changes is outstanding and really makes the best of this unusual meeting between pre-recorded music and a live musician.
Equipped with state-of-the-art wireless microphone, Jakob is not afraid of taking a "walk on the wild side" of the DJ booth with his saxophone. Taking a tour in the crowd, on the bar or wherever walking is possible in the room!

Book Jakob as
1. Add-on for your in-house DJ
2. Together with a DJ or
3. Alone for your non-dancing event/reception with Jakob bringing his own chilled deep house mixes and playing on-top.

(photo by Anders Bachmann)